The Pirate Threat

After stocking up on a few supplies the party set forth on the Tempest out to sea. The plan was to head to Belnor, but after traveling for several hours Isle noticed a ship of the port side. Instead of informing everyone what he had seen he instructed them to turn slighting towards the ship. It wasn't long before the other ship noticed the Tempest and changed course. At this point Isle informed Captain Raylinn what was going on. About that time is when two cannon balls went flying across the bow. As the ships closed in they traded cannon fire as well as volleys of arrows. Carlov was especially effective in taking out the leaders of the other ship. Once the two ships closed in on each other things got heated. Isle jumped of the ship gliding over to the other ship while Raylinn and Karlov also made their way over. One of the passengers of the Tempest, a Guardian wizard, joined the fray igniting one of the gunpowder barrels near one of the enemy cannons. The barrel detonated blowing a large hole in the side of the ship. With their leaders dead and their ship damaged, it didn't take much for the pirate crew to surrender to Raylinn.

After spending several hours repairing the ship the party is working on deciding what the fate of the pirate crew should be.

The Journey Begins

Now graduated and their ship "The Tempest" fully equipped and ready to go, the party decided to take on some work to see if they could get some funds built up. After discovering that there are ley -lines in Mora and Belnor they decided to make way in that general direction for work. They where commissioned to take some fish to Demna and silks to Belnor. They were also able to take on some passengers: Juliana Piers and Reyner Stewart looking for passage to Belnor; Vyncent Foxe and Emery Swift booked passage to Demna. They also discovered that a woman by the name of Nan Blackburn, located in Gorda, may have more information on how to find ley-lines.

After gathering up the goods and passengers the party set sail for Demna. When they arrived at Demna in the early evening they were greeted with silence. At first glance the town almost felt like a ghost town. No ships could be seen, anywhere. After doing some digging and getting an audience with the city's Mayor, they discovered the island has been the target of many pirate attacks. No one knows how big the pirate fleet is, since they don't leave survivors. But as a result there has been little to know import/export from the city. The city is slowly dieing off. The Mayor pleaded with the party to help them out and offered a substantial reward if they did so. The party neither accepted or declined the cry for help, but instead said they would attend to it if they had a chance. 

In the morning the party delivered their goods and the two passengers. After talking with the local blacksmith he also offered the party a reward for helping take out the pirates, and was even prepared to give them the reward a head of time to help them out. After accepting to take a look when they could the blacksmith had two 24 lbs Cannons sent to The Tempest to be used as needed.

The party after that packed up and headed back out to sea to make way for Belnor.

New Beginnings - Part 4

Isle finished searching Kebdor's sanctuary finding some gold, a large pearl, leather gloves, a ring, and a deck of cards. Also locating his journal, Isle presented it to Felina as she search the cavern for Kebdor, but he was long gone.

The party returned to Branstown to find it set a flame and still in panic, although the giants had been defeated. Upon reaching the town Felina ordered them to head to the front gates to see how they could help, where they met up with the Captain of the Guard. The Captain instructed them to head towards some burning buildings to attempt to put them out. Upon reaching the first building Carlov immediately headed towards the well to gather water. All the while Isle convinced McGillicutty to attempt to use magic to douse the flames. Not entirely in control of his faculties, McGillicutty proceeded to create 60 gallons of water, drenching poor Isle and putting out the fire at the same time. Nomos standing out in the street then heard cries from a child in a near by collapsing building. Isle and Nomos immediately jumped to the rescue making their way through the unstable building. They found a small elven child in the corner near his mother, who had been pinned by a falling beam. Isle took the child out to the street while Nomos worked on getting his mother out of the building. They rushed them to the triage center where they were instructed to head towards another burning building. Reaching the building they found Carlov already at work doing his best to get the fire out. McGillicutty was trying to help by filling buckets up at the well, at least that is what Carlov thought. In reality McGillicutty was attempting to get the bucket to the fire himself, but moved so slow that he couldn't keep up. Once Isle arrived he ran to retrieve a pile of dirt to smother the fire on the bottom floor. Unable to save the building the party decided to try and collapse it to contain it and keep it from burning down the surrounding buildings. After some well placed shots with large rocks, Carlov and Nomos where able to break the load bearing beams of the house and collapse it in on itself. After finishing off the fire they returned to the Captain who sent them home to get rest.

The next morning they were visited by Felina. She explained that they have not been able to track down Kebdor and have set up guards where his sanctuary was. She noted that his sanctuary was located on some sort of magical ley-line. He needed this magical source to summon his deamon, but was unable to do so in time. She also explained that it was the only ley-line of its kind on Crater Island, but others may exist out in the world. Due to the epic work the party had done, they were granted a reprieve and did not have to take the last final. They were give a week of R&R before graduation. During their R&R many card games were played and mischief was had. Isle snuck into the records office and attempted to modify the parties records so that they appeared to be the top of the school. He also spent some time tinkering with his grappling hook and had McGillicutty identify the rare items that he had found. He had recovered Gloves of Missile Snaring, a Ring of Protection (Thunder), a Pearl of Power, and a Deck of Illusions.

At graduation, the party arrived at the ceremony. They all were provided with certificates of completion, some gold to get them started, and a Guardian Badge. Nomos and Raylinn were given Rank 3 badges while everyone else received Rank 2. After the ceremony was completed the Grand Master presented the award to the top group. Despite Isle's failed attempt at forgery, the Blue Dragon's were still on top. They were awarded with a new Caravel. Isle spent the next couple days recruiting crew to man the ship as well as preparing it for travel.

New Beginnings - Part 3

For the third quarter the party spent most of their time learning how to manage a ship. Since the majority of the world is covered in water, Guardians are expected to spend a lot of time on the sea. The party was given command of a caravel named "The Garnet". Discussing it amongst themselves, Raylinn took command of the ship, while her brother Nomos manned the helm. Isle spends most of his time up in the crows nest, but is also seen as the First Mate and engineer of the ship. Carlov spent most of his time on deck helping the crew when needed, but mostly acting as a fire base for the ship and McGillicutty acted as the ships cook. The party did well in their training, Raylinn especially caught Felina's eye when it came to her command skills.

When it came time for their quarter final the party was sent out to the arena to fight another team, the Green Gryffons. The battle was fierce and it looked like the party was about to defeat their opponents, but then an unexpected event occurred. A giant white shark appeared capsizing the other ship. The party worked quickly to fight the shark and gathered up as much of the other crew as they could. After defeating the shark they returned home where Felina greated them and thanked them for helping out the other crew. Another pass for the party.

The last quarter was the most boring for many of the Blue Dragons. The time was spent studying mannerisms, culture, and politics. While the Guardians are not allowed to get involved in politics it is important for them to know what they can and cannot do in other countries. Carlov ditched most of the quarter, not understanding most of it anyways, but Isle kept him a float in the classes.

A week before the final all hell broke loose in Branstown. The party was awoken by screams and the pounding on their door. Felina was their to escort them to the keep. On their way to the keep the party noticed several giants attacking the city walls. After talking with Felina the discovered that Kebdor was behind the attack. The party was escorted down to a magic circle where several magi teleported them to the base of a mountain, Felina joining them. The entered into the caverns at the base of the mountain where Kebdor had be suspected of holding up. There they found the bodies of three other Guardians that had attempted to take on Kebdor. They traversed the cave to find a similar door to that they had found in his shack. Without hesitation the party quickly made their way through the door where they found Kebdor waiting. But before he could monologue Carlov put a crossbow bolt into his shoulder. Kebdor quickly went to summoning a blue dragon wyrmling and a red dragon wyrmling to aid him. The battle was fierce, but Kebdor was able to make his escape by misty stepping away from the party and immediately casting invisibility on himself. Carlov attempted to locate Kebdor using some ingenuity but was unsuccessful.

New Beginnings - Part 2
Second Quarter

The second quarter was quite eventful with mischief. Isle decided that it would be a great time to kidnap a mastiff from the near by kennel. He then painted it black to look like a hell hound and set it loose on Branstown. Throughout the fear and panic of this Isle slipped back to the Blue Dragon Dormitory unnoticed. The prank went down as one of the craziest in the school's history.

When the party met up to start their second quarter final they discovered they would be joined by two new members Bravidiot and Zenen. Felina tasked them with locating information about Kebdor Warak and his location. Kebdor was a student that was expelled for accidently summoning and setting loose an Ankheg on the town of Branstown, causing massive damage. He is now suspect in the appearance of the Cockatrice in the forest to the south. They started by checking with the dock master to determine if he had ever left the island. Unfortunately the dock master did not have much information. After that they decided to split up. Bravidiot, Zenen, and Carlov went to the Guard station to see if they could locate any information and a picture. Unfortunately the guards were not much help. Isle, Nomos, and Relynn went to the Scroll of Stout where he frequented while he was a student. After talking with the barkeep, Hessel Firegrinder, they found out the barmaid, Gaceir Chillhorse, there used to date him. They talked with her finding a bitter response to Kebdor's name. She gave them the information that he had found an abandoned shanty to the north he would hang out at. 

The party gathered up and traveled north to the shanty. Taking the aggressive approach Bravidiot tried running through the wall, while Carlov broke down the door crossbow in hand. There was no one in the shanty, but after some investigation Zenen discovered a trap door under a bedroll in the corner. They then descended into the lair of Kebdor. Traveling down the hallway they discovered a large pit with a plaque near by saying "Only in darkness can we see". The puzzle was quickly solved by dousing out all of the lights and then walking across the pit. They traveled down and discovered Kebdor's library finding several books about different magics and magical components. Bravidiot discovered a rather thick book about herbs and remedies called "Herbal Essences", while Isle with some help wrecked the room trying to find any sort of hidden information.

After some time in the library they decided to continue to find a hallway full of cells and a large stone door. Going cell by cell the discovered a Manes, a Dretch, a Grimlock, and a Kenku named Elmfoot. After comforting Elmfoot he provided the party with a key that opened two cubby holes near the large stone door. In the cubby holes where bowls filled with liquid, one red and one green. After experimenting for some time with the liquids, mixing and throwing, Nomos decided to drink the red liquid finding himself poisoned. Bravidiot drank the green, quickly finding that he could pass through the stone door. The party drank the green liquid and traveled through the door to find themselves greeted by a Spectator, a smaller version of a Beholder.

Relynn and Zenen immediately turned tail and fled through the door joining Elmfoot in the safety of his cell. Isle, Carlov, Nomos, and Bravidiot made a stand quickly dispatching the Spectator. Calling Relynn and Zenen back into the room they searched to find a summoning circle with runes a long the side, a large bookshelf, and a table. They took several books from the shelves, Isle taking two books about magical items for himself. One book in particular stood out about demons. The spine was broken on one page that was obviously visited many times about a Balor, a large horrific demon. On the table Isle found Kebdor's journal with the last entry about a month and a half prior as well as a ring. The ring was a gold ring, the band appearing like seaweed intertwined together with a single blue gemstone in the center. The journal spoke of trying to summon different creatures, the grimlock, dretch, manes, and the spectator. It also spoke of Prince Alder and how he wishes to open a portal as he did to the nine hells to bring forth a demon for him to control.

The party took this information back to a half asleep Felina. She told them to come back in the morning to discuss what they found. In the morning they filled Felina in. Becoming greatly concerned, Felina assured that them that the investigation would continue with the greatest importance. Kebdor must be stopped. She paid the party for their help and sent them on their way.

Celebrating that they have guaranteed their graduation, so long as they don't get expelled, they got quite a bit drunk, Zenen finding himself in the bed of Gaceir.


New Beginnings - Part 1
First Quarter

It was a long tiring journey to Crater Island, but excitement counteracted the boredom that the passengers would have normally experienced. These passengers were traveling to the island to become Guardians. One of the most highly respected positions in the world. As Guardians, they would be expected to protect the world from extreme forces. But before they can become Guardians, them must first be trained.

Isle, Carlov Kolick, Nomos, Raylinn, and Fredrick McGillicutty were among these travelers. After arriving at the island these five were placed into the Blue Dragon Dormetory and were expected to work with one another for the duration of their training. Isle mostly kept to himself occasionally getting into some minor miscief with his long time friend Carlov. Nomos was overtaken by the splendors of how land dwellers lived while his sister, Raylinn, tried to keep him out of trouble. And McGillicutty, well he was just his cranky old self.

For the first quarter the party spent most of their time training basic combat skills. Their instructor, Felina, could be hard on them occasionally, but she did so out of her desire to see the group become its best. But before that would happen they would have to learn to work together as a team.

For their first quarter final, Felina sent the part to investigate a disturbance in the forest. Many students that were camping their had recently be driven away by Kobolds. After a day and half of travel the party arrived at the forest to find campsites torn to pieces. They encountered the Kobolds and quickly took care of them. They proceeded to interrogate one of the Kobolds. Discovering that the Kobolds had been driven from their home and forced into the forest, they only got one word from the Kobold explaining why, "Dragon". For fear of dealing with a dragon Isle encouraged the rest of the party to retreat back to the school and give the info to Felina.

On the way back Nomos captured a bat with his net. Extremely inquisitive about this new animal he found he was told to release it by the rest of the part. He then proceeded to throw it off a cliff, thinking it would fly away, forgetting that the bat was unconscious. When the part returned to the city they informed Felina what they had found out. She said that she would send others to investigate the threat of dragons and gave the party the new that they had all passed their first test, barely.


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