New Beginnings - Part 1

First Quarter

It was a long tiring journey to Crater Island, but excitement counteracted the boredom that the passengers would have normally experienced. These passengers were traveling to the island to become Guardians. One of the most highly respected positions in the world. As Guardians, they would be expected to protect the world from extreme forces. But before they can become Guardians, them must first be trained.

Isle, Carlov Kolick, Nomos, Raylinn, and Fredrick McGillicutty were among these travelers. After arriving at the island these five were placed into the Blue Dragon Dormetory and were expected to work with one another for the duration of their training. Isle mostly kept to himself occasionally getting into some minor miscief with his long time friend Carlov. Nomos was overtaken by the splendors of how land dwellers lived while his sister, Raylinn, tried to keep him out of trouble. And McGillicutty, well he was just his cranky old self.

For the first quarter the party spent most of their time training basic combat skills. Their instructor, Felina, could be hard on them occasionally, but she did so out of her desire to see the group become its best. But before that would happen they would have to learn to work together as a team.

For their first quarter final, Felina sent the part to investigate a disturbance in the forest. Many students that were camping their had recently be driven away by Kobolds. After a day and half of travel the party arrived at the forest to find campsites torn to pieces. They encountered the Kobolds and quickly took care of them. They proceeded to interrogate one of the Kobolds. Discovering that the Kobolds had been driven from their home and forced into the forest, they only got one word from the Kobold explaining why, "Dragon". For fear of dealing with a dragon Isle encouraged the rest of the party to retreat back to the school and give the info to Felina.

On the way back Nomos captured a bat with his net. Extremely inquisitive about this new animal he found he was told to release it by the rest of the part. He then proceeded to throw it off a cliff, thinking it would fly away, forgetting that the bat was unconscious. When the part returned to the city they informed Felina what they had found out. She said that she would send others to investigate the threat of dragons and gave the party the new that they had all passed their first test, barely.



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