New Beginnings - Part 3

For the third quarter the party spent most of their time learning how to manage a ship. Since the majority of the world is covered in water, Guardians are expected to spend a lot of time on the sea. The party was given command of a caravel named "The Garnet". Discussing it amongst themselves, Raylinn took command of the ship, while her brother Nomos manned the helm. Isle spends most of his time up in the crows nest, but is also seen as the First Mate and engineer of the ship. Carlov spent most of his time on deck helping the crew when needed, but mostly acting as a fire base for the ship and McGillicutty acted as the ships cook. The party did well in their training, Raylinn especially caught Felina's eye when it came to her command skills.

When it came time for their quarter final the party was sent out to the arena to fight another team, the Green Gryffons. The battle was fierce and it looked like the party was about to defeat their opponents, but then an unexpected event occurred. A giant white shark appeared capsizing the other ship. The party worked quickly to fight the shark and gathered up as much of the other crew as they could. After defeating the shark they returned home where Felina greated them and thanked them for helping out the other crew. Another pass for the party.

The last quarter was the most boring for many of the Blue Dragons. The time was spent studying mannerisms, culture, and politics. While the Guardians are not allowed to get involved in politics it is important for them to know what they can and cannot do in other countries. Carlov ditched most of the quarter, not understanding most of it anyways, but Isle kept him a float in the classes.

A week before the final all hell broke loose in Branstown. The party was awoken by screams and the pounding on their door. Felina was their to escort them to the keep. On their way to the keep the party noticed several giants attacking the city walls. After talking with Felina the discovered that Kebdor was behind the attack. The party was escorted down to a magic circle where several magi teleported them to the base of a mountain, Felina joining them. The entered into the caverns at the base of the mountain where Kebdor had be suspected of holding up. There they found the bodies of three other Guardians that had attempted to take on Kebdor. They traversed the cave to find a similar door to that they had found in his shack. Without hesitation the party quickly made their way through the door where they found Kebdor waiting. But before he could monologue Carlov put a crossbow bolt into his shoulder. Kebdor quickly went to summoning a blue dragon wyrmling and a red dragon wyrmling to aid him. The battle was fierce, but Kebdor was able to make his escape by misty stepping away from the party and immediately casting invisibility on himself. Carlov attempted to locate Kebdor using some ingenuity but was unsuccessful.



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