New Beginnings - Part 4

Isle finished searching Kebdor's sanctuary finding some gold, a large pearl, leather gloves, a ring, and a deck of cards. Also locating his journal, Isle presented it to Felina as she search the cavern for Kebdor, but he was long gone.

The party returned to Branstown to find it set a flame and still in panic, although the giants had been defeated. Upon reaching the town Felina ordered them to head to the front gates to see how they could help, where they met up with the Captain of the Guard. The Captain instructed them to head towards some burning buildings to attempt to put them out. Upon reaching the first building Carlov immediately headed towards the well to gather water. All the while Isle convinced McGillicutty to attempt to use magic to douse the flames. Not entirely in control of his faculties, McGillicutty proceeded to create 60 gallons of water, drenching poor Isle and putting out the fire at the same time. Nomos standing out in the street then heard cries from a child in a near by collapsing building. Isle and Nomos immediately jumped to the rescue making their way through the unstable building. They found a small elven child in the corner near his mother, who had been pinned by a falling beam. Isle took the child out to the street while Nomos worked on getting his mother out of the building. They rushed them to the triage center where they were instructed to head towards another burning building. Reaching the building they found Carlov already at work doing his best to get the fire out. McGillicutty was trying to help by filling buckets up at the well, at least that is what Carlov thought. In reality McGillicutty was attempting to get the bucket to the fire himself, but moved so slow that he couldn't keep up. Once Isle arrived he ran to retrieve a pile of dirt to smother the fire on the bottom floor. Unable to save the building the party decided to try and collapse it to contain it and keep it from burning down the surrounding buildings. After some well placed shots with large rocks, Carlov and Nomos where able to break the load bearing beams of the house and collapse it in on itself. After finishing off the fire they returned to the Captain who sent them home to get rest.

The next morning they were visited by Felina. She explained that they have not been able to track down Kebdor and have set up guards where his sanctuary was. She noted that his sanctuary was located on some sort of magical ley-line. He needed this magical source to summon his deamon, but was unable to do so in time. She also explained that it was the only ley-line of its kind on Crater Island, but others may exist out in the world. Due to the epic work the party had done, they were granted a reprieve and did not have to take the last final. They were give a week of R&R before graduation. During their R&R many card games were played and mischief was had. Isle snuck into the records office and attempted to modify the parties records so that they appeared to be the top of the school. He also spent some time tinkering with his grappling hook and had McGillicutty identify the rare items that he had found. He had recovered Gloves of Missile Snaring, a Ring of Protection (Thunder), a Pearl of Power, and a Deck of Illusions.

At graduation, the party arrived at the ceremony. They all were provided with certificates of completion, some gold to get them started, and a Guardian Badge. Nomos and Raylinn were given Rank 3 badges while everyone else received Rank 2. After the ceremony was completed the Grand Master presented the award to the top group. Despite Isle's failed attempt at forgery, the Blue Dragon's were still on top. They were awarded with a new Caravel. Isle spent the next couple days recruiting crew to man the ship as well as preparing it for travel.



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